Uganda is the best place to experience the activity of mountain climbing as the country bears various beautiful mountain and volcanoes as compared to any other in East Africa. With mountains from Mt Rwenzori, Mt Elgon, Mt Moroto, Mt Sabinyo and many others, tourists that visit ” The pearl of Africa” witness the most adventurous hiking experience.

Where to go for Mountain Climbing.

Mountain Climbing in Uganda is commonly done in National Parks for example Mt Rwenzori in Rwenzori National Park, Mt Elgon and Sipi Falls in Mt Elgon National Park, Mt Sabinyo, Mt Gahinga and Mt Muhabura in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. These mountaineering places or sites give chance to our travelers to encounter Wildlife, Birdlife and primates for example Mountain Gorillas in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

Uganda is the home to the tallest Mountain range in Africa the Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon that is supplemented with the Gorillas, Chimpanzees, abundant wildlife and the beautiful rugged volcanoes. The rugged Volcanoes provide mystical view for the hiking lovers that also get chance to see the nearby communities, wildlife and many other attractions on the peaks.

Popular mountaineering places

Mount Rwenzori

Located in Mt Rwenzori National Park on the borders of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwenzori is the highest peak in Uganda and the third highest in Africa. Hiking to the summit of mount Rwenzori is a long trek which last for roughly 8 days to reach Margherita the highest peak standing at an altitude of 5,109 meters above the sea level which has permanent snow, which melting into various rivers flowing to the lowland areas such as river Nyamwamba and River Mubuku. At the base of the mountain is Mount Rwenzori national park covered with tropical rain forests and various animals.

The summit of Mt Rwenzori can be reached through three trials including;

  • The central circuit: This is the longest trail which lasts for roughly 8 days and 7 nights to reach Peak Margherita
  • Mahoma loop: This is a quite easier trail lasting for 3 days
  • Kilembe trail: This is the shortest lasting only one day.

Other Sites for Mountaineering.

  • Mount Elgon
  • Virunga Volcanoes that is Mt Muhabura, Mt Sabinyo and Mt Gahinga
  • Sipi Falls
  • Mount Morot
  • Mount Morungole

What to carry for Mountain Climbing.

The following are required for your hiking experience to be enjoyable and successful:

  • Hiking boots for stepping on slippery surfaces
  • Enough drinking water
  • Energy giving snacks to keep you strong while hiking
  • Safe sleeping bags, warm jackets and sweaters to deal with night coldness for long hikes such as Mt Rwenzori.