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Travel Tips:

As requirements and regulations are subject to change at short notice, visitors are requested to contact their diplomatic mission or travel health advisor before getting on board. Ensure that you have vaccination permits against yellow fever, and the like. All what we say is that you should be in good health condition to enable you enjoy your trip which might be the only one of your life time in Africa. You can’t be allowed to track the Gorillas when you have cough, flue, scabies, etc.
The climate is tropical and some areas are usually hot and humid but regulated by dense rain forests and sea breezes. There are two main seasons: the long rains run from late March until June and Mid Sept, till early November while the dry seasons run from late June to early Sept and December till Feb. However, the weather can not be predictable any time it can change.
Travel Tips

A valid passport and valid visa are a necessity for those not exempted. These can be arranged by the diplomatic Mission or consulate for the country you intend to visit. Your agent can as well arrange for your visa and airport transfers as may deem necessary.

The currency is in shillings (UGX), divided into 100 cents which is the national currency. Credit cards (Access, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Eurocards ) are accepted by top tourist hotels around the country. Payment in US Dollars and Pound Sterling are accepted notes of year 2006 and above while notes of below year 2006 will fetch lower exchange rate. Traveler’s cheques are not accepted by most business people as they take long to mature.

Banks and forex bureaus are available at the airports and in all main towns. For they operate from Monday to Friday which make it easier to get the local currency. You can withdraw money with an ATM card through a related Banker at home.
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